Chantyrose Davison Governor of Idaho 2022

Hello Idaho,

My name is, Chantyrose Davison. I am a 41-year-old mother of 2. I am a wife, a stepmother, a daughter, a sister, a friend. I am NOT a politician; I am NOT a lawyer. I am simply an average Idahoan, and a REAL person.  I am fed up with partial truths and limited information. I am tired of people with nothing to lose, having control over what matters to me. That is why I am running to be the next Governor of Idaho.


I know that this is a horrible time in our government. A lot of people are wanting to look the other way, to try and avoid at least a little bit of the stress and headache we’ve been dealing with lately. For some of us, it encourages us to come out of our comfort zone. To jump into the spotlight, to try and set things right. 


I had a hard time trying to choose what political party I wanted affiliate myself with. I believe in 90% of what the Constitution Party stands for, and 90% of what the Republican Party stands for. Though I know that Idaho has been a largely Republican state, I didn’t want to start off by lying for the popular vote.


After a long time of figuring out where I stand, I decided to go with Constitution. I feel we need to go back to the basics. I will also bring with me a strong Republican backing as well. I'd like to consider myself that perfect blend of Constitution and Republican.


I’ve met a lot of you in person over the last 2 years, be it while I was working or fundraising for one thing or another. The one common thing I heard repeatedly asked was, " How do we fix what’s happening?" I didn’t have an answer. I was lost and confused as well. 

It’s time to find those answers we have been searching for. The only way to do that, is to really look for them. That is why I am taking this journey. I would love to be your next Governor, to be that person who actually fights for the RIGHTS OF CITIZENS. To be the person who asks questions and persists for answers, and action as many times as it takes. To be the voice of those who are too scared to speak up.


I’ve heard politicians talk about "transparency" so many times, never actually following through with their empty words. I have been an open book to just about everyone. I plan to continue being that person who will tell you what is going on, every step of the way.

When I become Governor, I would love to have a daily briefing so that everyone would know what is actually being worked on, and what is getting done. I will also continue to speak plain English. No more words that only a certain group of people understand. I want everything to be put across so clearly, that ANY middle school student will be able to know exactly what is happening in their state, their home.


I hope you will give me this chance; I can’t wait to hear from each and every one of you.


Thank you for your time. - Chantyrose Davison 



We have a CONSTITUTION for a reason. It is the basic law of the land.

Without rules this world would be extremely chaotic. We have seen a touch of that lately.

I plan to follow the rules and I will demand others to do the same. 

-First Amendment: The governor should never support incentives for companies that limit free speech or sharing what's on our minds even when others don't agree with our opinions.-Second Amendment: Shall not be infringed so we must expand mental health, tone down the drama, and get the criminals with firearms off our Streets.-The 10th Amendment: Understand the federal government cannot tell the State what it can and cannot do!On the 61st day the Governor does NOT have authority for emergency action without calling up the people's house! What's not given to the federal government, not given to the State, remains the peoples.-Securing Idaho's Northern border: as Canada legalizes the deadly drug fentanyl-Upholding our laws: Idaho's law dictates when the governor leaves the state, he shall notify our LT Governor. What kind of an example is it for our next generation if our leaders won't follow the law?






-Eliminate Land Tax: By breaking the gridlock and working with any Federal Administration to open up our resources for the US to lead in mining and future technologies.

-Eliminate Grocery Tax: Amounts to around $20 million dollars from outside sources hasn't the State grown enough to take this burden off our most vulnerable?

-Link Gas Tax to BPI: CPI (customer price index) BPI (business price index) Fuel tax needs to go down if inflation is increasing equally, attaching the tax to the BPI would drop the price as the customer is starting to feel the pain not after!





As a mother, I agree that Abortions should be abolished. As long as there is an understanding, and a rule that if a female, young or old is raped she should have the choice whether or not to keep the baby. 

In this situation the female may need more than 1-2months to decide based on the trauma of the situation. 

There should be FREE Medical, FREE Mental, and FREE Spiritual guidance by working with the private sector and non-profits to create a reliable funding source.

This way the person can make a clear mind decision whether to abort, keep, or put the baby up for adoption. 

I believe that a baby is extremely important but am also aware that the mother is someone's baby too. If the mother's life is in danger and there is a choice of the mother survives OR the baby, I would pick the mother.





-School Security: The Second Amendment Shall not be infringed we have to secure our schools, demand notifications to the FBI of suspicious activity online be investigated, and let our police do their job.

-Eliminate land tax without eliminating school funding: We can work with the federal government to break the gridlock from partisanship to ensure the resources are available for the next generation of technology while growing good paying jobs to keep your children in Idaho with their families.

-A Successful Education for our Children: Kindergarten is a necessity "a lot of Children can't read", though that doesn't have to be their future. Funding these programs without the intent to eliminate it after a few years puts another burden on the taxpayers. Facts show Parents who read with their child at least 10 minutes a day sets their child up for life! We must have a continuous campaign educating parents on the benefits which will eliminate the need to expand the program and lead to its self-elimination.

I want to see teachers held accountable.

Teachers not doing a good job should be fired.

No more graduating students that are unable to do basic math.

I feel depending on the space the school has available; students should be able to attend any school.

Schools should not have the right to turn away any student because they are worried it might ruin their reputation.

Funding for education should follow the student not a school district. Those actually teaching the child are who receive the money.

If the child is being homeschooled no money should be given unless the child passes the state proficiency test for their grade. If a parent is doing the job of up to seven teachers, then they should be entitled to be reimbursed for their time as well.





When it comes to COVID I will not mandate masks, lockdowns, or vaccinations.

I strongly believe that if a person is feeling sick, they should be the one staying home or wearing masks as not to spread any disease.

It has been a lifelong fact that the human body does need to encounter germs in order to fight them off.

If we lockup and sterilize everyone we would be creating a weak human race by breaking down their immune systems.

I do not want to see people die or suffer from any illness, but I do not believe in setting people up to die or develop serious illnesses either.

As a human being, you know if you are not feeling well and therefore you should take responsibility for your health individually.